CRS is led by a veteran team of insurance executives with strong ties to our Colorado community.

Scott Meztger

Scott Metzger, CIC, ARM

CEO | Founder/Principal

Office Number: 303-996-7819
Email: smetzger@crsdenver.com

Scott Meztger

Jeff Berven, CIC

President | Principal

Office Number: 303-996-7844
Email: jberven@crsdenver.com

Don Rivkin

Don Rivkin CIC, AIC

VP/Director of Risk Services | Principal

Office Number: 303-996-7824
Email: drivkin@crsdenver.com

Scott Meztger

Eric Johnson, CIC

Secretary Treasurer | Principal

Office Number: 303-996-7818
Email: ejohnson@crsdenver.com

Scott Meztger

Lori Ashley , CIC, CRM, MLIS

Director of Business Development

Office Number: 303-996-7863
Email: lashley@crsdenver.com

Scott Meztger


Director of Human Resources

Office Number: 720-312-3688
Email: clever@crsdenver.com

Scott Meztger

Sarah Burgdorf

Director of Finance

Office Number: 303-996-7846
Email: sburgdorf@crsdenver.com

Scott Meztger

Demetra Ramey, CIC, CISR

Director of Operations

Office Number: 303-996-7859
Email: dramey@crsdenver.com

Our team is here to help you find the right coverage for your business. Please reach out to us at 303.996.7801 if you have any questions about your specific insurance needs.