Professional and Management Liability

Mistakes Happen

In today’s litigious society, lawsuits against businesses are common. And as a business owner, you need to be prepared to protect the integrity of your company if an incident or mistake turns into a claim.

We all know that mistakes happen. That’s why we’re committed to helping ensure you have the appropriate management and professional liability policies in place to keep your day-to-day operations protected should your business be held legally liable

While it’s important for your business to have general liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury, we recommend adding professional and management liability insurance to your business portfolio because it insures the people and entities of your business from negligence claims made by third parties, or even internal sources.

From failure to render a service to malpractice suits, CRS provides a range of professional and management liability options, such as:

Errors and Omissions Liability (E & O)

Errors and Omissions Liability (E & O) Features

E & O covers any mistakes made by employees who work on behalf of your business if your business charges fees for your services. It can include coverage for any errors such as failure to perform or violations of contract. Depending on your industry, your insurance needs will vary.

Speak with a CRS expert to learn more.

Directors and Officers Liability (D & O)

Directors and Officers Liability (D & O) Features

Having financial protection for your business’s directors and officers can prevent loss in the event they are held liable for actions related to their corporate positions. This can include anything from conflicts of interest to mismanagement of company assets and violation of laws. Contact a CRS professional to help you determine the right coverage for your business.

Fiduciary Liability

Fiduciary Liability Features

Fiduciary Liability covers claims resulting from the administration of employee benefit programs including violation of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA. If a manager, for example, violates the financial obligations of ERISA, having the right coverage can protect your company and the manager individually if held liable in situations from imprudent investments to failure to enroll employees. Speak with a CRS representative to explore your options.

Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability Features

With proper insurance, your business can be protected if a worker claims that his or her rights have been violated. This can include violations from sexual harassment and discrimination to violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and wrongful termination. Make sure you’re covered – contact a CRS Insurance expert today.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance Features

All businesses rely on digital information, computer systems, or even an Internet connection to conduct day-to-day business operations, putting them at risk for cyber attack. While cybersecurity is complex, getting the right coverage and support doesn’t have to be.

With cyber insurance from CRS, you can protect your business with comprehensive coverage that addresses these major cyber threats:

  • Data breach – Respond with coverage for forensic IT and legal review, notification and service to affected individuals, and more to help you respond appropriately and comply with regulations.
  • Computer attack – Recover with coverage for cyber extortion, loss of business income, system and data restoration, and more.
  • Fraud – Whether it’s computer fraud, telecommunications fraud, or misdirected payment fraud, cyber coverage can help you combat it.
  • Liability – Protect your business from the threat of legal action due to a cyber event. Defend threats with coverage for data compromise liability, privacy incident liability, network security liability, and electronic media liability.
  • System failure – Software updates and other system changes don’t always go as planned. Guard against loss of income from unintentional computer system outages.
  • Identity theft – Identity theft victims can spend months and thousands of dollars to regain control of their identity records. Business owners can keep your focus on running your business if identity theft hits home with coverage that includes case management services and expense reimbursement.

Call a CRS agent today to find out how we can help you make sure your business has the right coverage to address today’s cyber risks.

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